How to Care for Trees

One of the joys of having trees on your property is that it provides shade, tranquility and curb appeal to your home. Did you know that trees can also add up to 15% value to your home so it is important in taking proper care of your trees? With proper maintenance, you can save hundreds of dollars from the cost of planting new trees.

Protect Tree Roots
In order to have a healthy tree, it is extremely important to have healthy soil. If you have soil that is compacted which means it is so packed together that air and water can't find a way to nourish the roots. This doesn't allow for water infiltration and oxygen, which is a big threat to the health of tree roots. 

Protect Tree Bark
Damaging your tree bark allows for bacterial infections to harm the tree. When hiring a tree company, make sure they do not use spikes on their shoes to climb the tree. This will expose the roots to diseases such as fungi. When doing yard work, be careful in using a weed whacker around the tree and avoid hitting the tree with the lawnmower. Cuts in the tree can expose the cambium layer and interrupt transport of water and nutrients to the rest of the tree.

Pruning trees enhance growth and fruitfulness by removing dead or overgrown branches. The best time to prune is during the winter season before trees provide new growth in the spring. You can start by removing dead and broken branches with a clean cut.

Watering is extremely important, especially for new trees. Water is food for your trees. Normally, you want to water 10-15 gallons of water per week. Throughout the summer months, it is better to soak your trees with water than occassionally a frequent mist of water.

Mulching keeps your tree healthy. It creates a buffer from heat and cold temperatures and helps keep the roots moist. A good starting point to mulch is 6 inches from the base of the tree all the way to the tree's drip line.

Professional Tree Services
Proper tree care is an investment in your property that will provide added value with great returns. For people who are new to tree care, it would be a good idea to hire a professional that can show you the proper techniques for tree maintenance.

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